Venus and Jupiter

Wednesday, March 7
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Last night I was looking at Jupiter and Venus in the western sky.  Venus has been moving really fast to catch up with Jupiter.  (Venus is the really bright one, lower down, Jupiter is not so bright and up to the left.)  When two planets get that close, especially if one of them is as bright as Venus, it’s like a message, like calligraphy in an unknown and sacred language, a wake up call, the “writing on the wall.”  Jupiter is traditionally known as the “greater benefic”  i.e. the big good guy, and Venus as the “lesser benefic” — now, how do I translate that? — the smaller good girl?  Yes, but she’s a lot brighter now.  How about the big good goddess?

Seeing them blazing in the sky made me think of the conjunction of Tarva and Alambil in the Narnian sky in Prince Caspian.  “Some great good for the sad realm…”  On the simplest level, Jupiter is expansion and Venus is love.  Expanding love can only be good for us and our planet.
From Prince Caspian, given to me for Christmas when I was eleven.  “Look well upon them.  Their meeting is fortunate and means some great good for the sad realm of Narnia.  Tarva the Lord of Victory salutes Alambil the Lady of Peace.  They are just coming into their nearest.”  (p.40)
The actual conjunction will happen on March 15.  The planets don’t touch, but they will be in the same degree of the Zodiac.

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