“Visioning Boards”

Four of us gathered to make “Visioning boards”.  We had a bunch of magazines, heavy paper, scissors, glue sticks, colored pens.  The idea was to gather images of things you wanted to have in your life in the future.  The others were more practical, finding images of cars, or travel, or furniture.  I just gathered images I liked, mostly animals and landscapes.  Also words: “liberty, equality & caribou” against a prairie, GRASS ROOTS on green grass with wild flowers.  One picture was of a huge number of birds, in the sky and settled in a tidal marsh.  I cut out letters to spell ABUNDANCE.  I took my favorite picture of myself and put that in the center.  I had also found a picture of a horse running in a meadow in front of mountains as a representation of myself.

I finally put together something I was pleased with, but it doesn’t have representations of actual things I want: Neskaya, dancers, slide show.  Also Bella!  I put Ann Mank’s card of the “little dog doing a Bella imitation” but I don’t want to have that dog and not Bella.  I need to find or draw the pictures of these thing and put them in.  I’m thinking that, since I didn’t make it specific, I can interpret the images like a dream:  I want a world whose human community grows up from grassroots processes, and where all beings are free and equal.  I want there to be abundance of wildlife and of everything that’s needed for a healthy life and a healthy planet.  Especially I want there to be food for all.  I want to be able to move (the horse) and to play (that’s the Oriental polo player and his silly horse).  Stonehenge is there to stand for the slide show.  There are also “the nature of transformation”, a buffalo head, a canada lynx, a black-footed ferret.  There’s a black circle — ancient metalwork with gold figures on it: a chariot drawn by lions, sun moon & stars in the sky, a priestess with a gold cup.  There’s the picture of Ra, a replica of an ancient boat built with papyrus, and a huge statue of Jesus under water which I placed under the boat.  The Night Sea Journey with salvation always underneath.  There’s also a cave painting, which with Ra and Stonehenge, suggest my continuing interest in ancient science and art.

The next day I added a peace symbol, a picture of Bella, and the title of the new version of the slide show “Sacred Sites of Ancient Keltia.”  I also cut out another small picture of myself, and used it as a template to cut colorful dancers out of stickies.  I placed them in a circle around the picture of me in the center.  I’m very satisfied with the finished project and put it up on my refrigerator door.

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