Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I’m pretty bummed out.  At least partly the ending of a weekend full of people and meaningful activities.  I could write out my list of reasons, but I’m not sure that helps.  Can you tell me something to strengthen me, or cheer me up or anything?
    Dear Jenny, we love you very much.  Remember that in the deeps below the Night Sea Journey is god with arms open wide.  And god loves you thoroughly and completely no matter how bummed out you are.  It doesn’t matter.  What you stand for, in your energy field, for a healthy planet and all beings cooperating in loving reverence, is still there even when you are unable to take action you think is necessary for that world to come into being.  In truth, all your actions are in alignment with that vision, no matter how small and ordinary they are.  Cooking breakfast, washing dishes, brushing Bella, helping a friend,  because of your love and caring and commitment to the truth, all these actions are already part of that world you are working to bring into being.  It’s OK to be down for a day or two.  You need to recover from a very intense time.

The image of the Night Sea Journey and god underneath comes from a collage I did on Monday.  A group of friends got together to do “visioning boards”, with a lot of images of things you want in your life.  I didn’t have any clear idea, so I just picked images that called to me.

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