(Written in October 2006)
I’m feeling a bit scattered.  I’m thinking one thing I could do is make a drawing of my life — the pieces that are scattered — and then what is the center around which they could re-align?  I’ve been reading Pat Allen, Art is a Spiritual Practice, and finding it inspiring.  The last time I tried to read it, it scared me, felt like something I really couldn’t do.  She talks about intention — and how important it is to set an intention — so I’ve been thinking about that this morning.  What is my intention for my life?  I want to live with awareness and compassion, to do God’s will, or to move in alignment with the Great Powers, or to help all beings grow in awareness and compassion, or to be part — to do my part — in all things working together for good.  Secondary to that is my healing work on myself, and whatever I can do to support the healing process of others, and to live as lightly on the earth as I can — or to use the gifts of Earth/Nature with reverence and appreciation.  Where does art come in?  Part of my healing process, part of how I support others — “art” meaning more specifically work in the studio with colors and textures — and the other “art” is what I do at Neskaya and that’s a way that I can support healing our connections with each other and with the earth.

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