“Our Deeply Dysfunctional Culture”

From Mary Pipher’s Letters to a Young Therapist:
“Perhaps because of my training in anthropology, I have always viewed mental health problems as related to the broader environment.  Depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention hyperactive children and eating disorders, arise from our deeply dysfunctional culture.  Who can be healthy in a culture in which children watch movies about hookers and serial killers?  How can we expect people to be happy when they don’t know their neighbors, see their extended families, or have time for naps on Sunday afternoons?
“As a culture we are mired deep in denial about our effects on others, on the earth, and on generations to come.  We ignore the problems of children, refugees, the aged and the poor.  Our media encourage us to live at a surface level, to think about window treatments instead of world peace or our own spiritual needs.  We are educated to be compartmentalized.  Our culture makes us sick, physically and emotionally.”
from the Introduction p xvii

Mary Pipher also wrote Reviving Ophelia.

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