(Written in October 2006)
Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling very bummed out. I’m completely discouraged by the political situation, I’m scared that if the future gets really bad I’m not robust enough to survive. And at the moment I’m not able to feel that what I do at Neskaya is worthwhile or even makes a difference. And I’m scared that you won’t be able to say anything helpful because you’re not real, you’re just the voices of my own inner wisdom, and it feels like I haven’t got anything left.
Dear Jenny, we love you very much. We are gathered around you, supporting you. We are both your inner wisdom voice and discarnate spirits who wish you well, we are where the circle meets itself, we are at that deep inner place where what is divine in you merges with the divine core of the universe. You are in a “bad patch” right now. Your feelings: hopelessness, helplessness, fear about food, are the feelings of a baby who has been left alone too long. They do not give you real information about your current reality. Yes, things are bad in the realm of politics and war, but there have always been bad times in the history of Earth. And there have always been times when people have banded together to triumph over disaster. You are doing your part: your part is to maintain Neskaya as a sanctuary and to teach the dances. Your job is not to “get” anybody to do anything, but to provide something for them to do when they want to. Do not break your heart by trying to make things happen in the social-political sphere. You must keep your heart and spirit strong: we recommend meditation, spiritual reading, flower essences, art, dance, and exercise outdoors. Your first priority is to take care of the traumatized baby. It is OK to have these complete lapses of confidence — but they are the result of trying to take action that life has not equipped you for. You see the vision, it is your job to hold that vision, you are not required to “get” anyone to change their actions, any more than you were required to get your alcoholic parents to stop drinking. Let go of those efforts, and leave it to the people whose work it is to call their congresspeople, reform the electoral system. You are a brain cell trying to do the work of a leg muscle. It is not appropriate. Let it go. One day at a time. We love you.

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