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Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I have been having a confusing time with this new part that’s waked up in me.  It seems clear that integrating her is my job for now.  But I’m uncertain.  I’m afraid it’s too “self-involved.”  … Continue reading

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A New Part of Me

I haven’t posted for a while, because I’ve been having serious trouble verbalizing my experience.  It’s been about developing a relationship with a very early fragment of myself.  It started with recognizing that the non-verbal, scared experience that I’ve been … Continue reading

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Being Cared For

I had been at Kendal since November and this was July – eight months later.  The day before I had had a tooth pulled, and then I fell for a computer scam.  I had to cancel my debit card and … Continue reading

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Blind Terror

What a strange experience.  I’m not even sure I can write about it accurately.  I thought my brain had stopped working.  I was afraid it had to do with getting old.  Erica reframed it as a stage in spiritual growth, … Continue reading

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