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originally posted July 14, 2012 “Anaïs Nin once said: ‘We write to taste life twice.’  I agree.  I think we write to taste life twice, and we paint and dance and sing and compose and do all art to ‘taste … Continue reading

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Confrontation with Aging

For three months I’ve been disabled by one thing after another.  First the bad cold that was going around, then the endless cough.  The cough put my lower back out, and I didn’t have a clear diagnosis for two weeks.  … Continue reading

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“Terrified” from July, 2015

I’ve been reading through my blog, and finding it encouraging.  So many times in the past when I was having a very hard time.  I can see that I’m doing much better now, despite the sense that something is lacking … Continue reading

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The Story of My Name

I wrote this recently in a writing group: I was named Jean for my mother, but they called me “Jenny” to differentiate me from my mother who was called “Pidge.”  I was told that “Jenny” had come from a great-great … Continue reading

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Positive Sense of Myself

This was initially posted on July 20, 2012.  It was named “Positive Self-Image.”  Some time ago I said something to my friend Beverly about trying to change my self-image.  She said “Self-image is like the weather,” and suggested that it … Continue reading

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Originally posted on October 7, 2011.  I am amazed that my guides knew about having to grieve the losses that aren’t obvious because they are losses of what I didn’t get, not of something I did get and lost.  It … Continue reading

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