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Caught in Traumatized Baby

Written on January 14 I feel like a tiny useless lump.  I desperately need refuge.  I want to curl up and hide and I want some very loving being to put her arms around me and say “there there.” I … Continue reading

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Blood and Stone

This is a poem I wrote at the time of Journey Into Courage Blood & Stone “Blood welled up among the roots, on its way to the world of men, and in the dark it looked as hard as stone.  … Continue reading

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“Written in Blood”

About the time I started doing Journey Into Courage in 1990, I began to make a book out of excerpts from my journal.  I was inspired by reading in The Courage to Heal that people often cut themselves as a … Continue reading

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Grief and Regression

Erica recommended a book called “The Wild Edge of Sorrow” and it came today.  I found two paragraphs in it that described exactly the place where I’ve been stuck. “One of the most essential skills we need to develop in … Continue reading

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Grief and Grieving

This is a response to a blog post on Tim Lawrence’s “The Adversity Within.”  He’s speaking of loss and grief, the pain of loss, the necessity for grieving, the insane culture we live in. Thanks, Tim, for speaking the hard … Continue reading

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