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(Written in November 2004) Woke feeling bleak.  Hard to get out of bed.  Dizzy at first.  Feeling very low in my heart.  Thinking that death would be a relief, it’s just too hard to live.  And yet there’s nothing particularly … Continue reading

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(Written in July 2004) Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling lost and a little scared about my recent inability to stay on top of the Neskaya administrative stuff.  Please help me!     Dear Jenny, breathe, relax, you’re doing fine.  … Continue reading

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Five of Water

(Written in June 2004) Day started badly.  Found bank deposit that I prepared before I left for Kripalu & forgot.   I feel out of control.  This scares me because it looks like a coping strategy that has served me all … Continue reading

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Having a Hard Time

(Written in June 2004) A really bad night.  Dogs barking, didn’t call cops.  My heart just ached.  I tried to bring compassion to it without success.  It’s slap in my face how little control I have.  I can’t even stop … Continue reading

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