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Guidance for Scared & Sad

(Written in October 2003) Dear Spirits, please help me.  I’m so scared and sad. Dear Jenny, the sadness is grief for losses of the past, and you are afraid it will never change.  Dear one, it changes all the time.  … Continue reading

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Deep in the Pit

(Written in October 2003) I feel dazed and trapped in a small space, unable to move.  It feels like there is shaking or quivering in my upper body that’s just on the edge of happening.  Tried dancing but it didn’t … Continue reading

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(Written in October 2003) O spirits, I’m in a profoundly bleak and despairing place.  I’ve been trying to work with my pain as Greenspan suggests, I’ve been dancing, writing, and painting my pain as well as breathing through the heart.  … Continue reading

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Observation without Evaluation

(Written in February 2010) On a friend’s recommendation I got Tolle’s new book at the Library. It’s called A New Earth.  So far I’ve been agreeing with what he says.  He talked about ego and the problem of identifying one’s … Continue reading

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What My Heart REALLY Wants

(Written in July 2011) Wondering if writing something would help.  I’m feeling badly scattered.  The computer has frozen on me twice today and I’m frustrated.  Maybe try a suggestion from Radical Acceptance — Tara Brach says something about needing to … Continue reading

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Dancing in the Streets

Yesterday I was so bummed out about Obama failing to veto the Tar Sands Bill and allowing the gutting of the Clean Air standards, that I just wanted to give up on politics.  So I called my friend Beverly, whose … Continue reading

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(Written in October 2003) Tried the Heart Flow again but nearly fell asleep so I got up & danced hoping it would help.  The damn dog next door with the high-pitched bark irritates me — I try to bring compassion … Continue reading

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Compassion for myself

(Written in October 2003) Put on the Oratorium CD.  Sitting on the floor, moving with grief, pain in the heart, lack of hope — walking out into the desert with the fragments of a culture, knowing that it’s most likely … Continue reading

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(Written in October 2003) Dear Spirits, I’m so angry at myself for creating all this misery.  Please help me!  Please!     Dear Jenny, you are being much too hard on yourself.  This is why you really need a spiritual community … Continue reading

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(Written in October 2003) Took Bella up Rte 3.  I carried my painfully tight grieving heart and paid attention to my feet on the path and the colored leaves.  Sat by Skoogumchuk Brook for a little bit.  Was able to … Continue reading

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