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I want to write about how different this time is from all the other times when I felt good for a while and said things like “now that I’ve finally made it” or “now that I’ve fought my  way through” … Continue reading

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The View from the Present

Yesterday’s post, from 2005, gives me a sense of how far I’ve come, how much I’ve healed.  Events have taken place at Neskaya that were a fulfillment of my vision that was so far beyond any expectation that I had … Continue reading

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(Written in July 2005) Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling very sad about my wrecked life, about all the things I never got to do that would have brought satisfaction and pleasure, and that my chances of being able … Continue reading

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When I lived in California in the 60’s, I had a friend who could use her angry energy to clean her apartment until it sparkled.  I really envied her.  My anger disabled me. For years, whenever I got angry, my … Continue reading

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Understanding Barry

In healing from trauma I’ve had to experience a lot of feelings, some of them really horrible combinations of terror & despair & helplessness.  I remember once, feeling the worst pain I had ever felt, I don’t even remember now … Continue reading

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Evie’s Death

I haven’t posted anything for a week because Evie Spodnik, a dear friend and fellow circle dancer, was killed in a horrific and shocking way. For more details For more information about Evie see Leah Carey’s blog and the next … Continue reading

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“Our Deeply Dysfunctional Culture”

From Mary Pipher’s Letters to a Young Therapist: “Perhaps because of my training in anthropology, I have always viewed mental health problems as related to the broader environment.  Depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention … Continue reading

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Grief Work

(Written in April 2009) Called Beverly to see if she would be willing to do some grief work with me.  She was, so I started reading from the beginning.  She challenged the idea that Mom & Granny & Gramp had … Continue reading

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